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707 Torrance Boulevard, Suite 105, Redondo Beach, CA 90Google Q Code277
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(at Irena between Prospect and PCH)
Monday - Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and by appointment.
1-310-543-4901   -  Text 424-241-3555

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Emmy award winning Custom Video Productions is Featured on the front cover of the business section from The Daily Breeze

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A Talented and Experienced Staff to Serve You

We benefit from the support of a full staff of industry-experienced sales, customer service, and video production service personnel. We’re proud to report a large amount of our business comes through referrals. Past client recommendation, on projects big and small, are the highest form of professional affirmation.

CVP is a fully licensed and insured brick and mortar business family owned and operated since 1990!

OVER 28 years Experience!!! Projects often finished SAME DAY since we transfer IN-House using only professional equipment to be sure projects are at the highest quality and don't get lost/damaged when mailed out like other companies do. Shop local, support your community and small businesses!

For additional information please call us at 1-310-543-4901, Text 424-241-3555 or e-mail

Custom Video Productions (CVP) is a full service Video Production Service, Transfer and Duplication facility in business since 1990. CVP is the #1 Video DVD/CD/Blu-Ray Replication, Film, Hard Drive Encode, Duplication & Packaging facility in Redondo Beach California.

Custom Video gets projects done on time, on budget and at the highest quality. Custom Video specializes in the video production of any type of video including TV commercials, Infomercials, Training Videos, Marketing, Drone Videography, Media Placement, Film, Photo, Slide Transfers and Replication of optical disc, DVD, CD, Blu-Ray, as well as Promotional Packages to market your business, all at affordable prices. We also offer fulfillment shipping service.

CVP also offers professional full service Videotaping, Video Editing, HD video production, HD Aerial Video Production (drone), Post-Production, CD, Blu-Ray + DVD Duplication, Replication & Photo, Film to Video Transfer services. We also produce radio commercials and offer amazing quality voice recording for narration or commercials. Our goal is the highest quality product and customer satisfaction.



Production Staff

Michael, Executive Producer

Michael has worked on every level of video production in his career including: field videographer, post production editor, sound and lighting director. His additional expertise lies in cost containment, getting the client's project done on time and on budget. "Every project has its own set of challenges. The most important element is to address each facet of a production before we start shooting or editing," Michael says. "Clients don't like surprises and neither do we."

Hugh Malay
Hugh, Producer, Senior Marketing Director

Hugh has worked in many areas of mass media communication since graduating from Ohio State University in 1981 including radio host, sports reporter/newspaper, TV-producer and on-camera host.  Hugh works on the creative with clients, assisting in project conceptualization, script writing and when needed, media placement. "We produce videos which are effectively informative and entertaining," Malay said. "It's imperative to never forget WHO will be watching the commercial.  The message is always tailored to that audience. Retention is paramount to the success of any production."

Erin, Marketing Manager

Erin is our newest member at Custom Video Productions handling our marketing needs.

Terri, Receptionist

Terri may be one of the first people you see when you walk through our Redondo Beach office. She probably is the person answering the phone, answering questions and directing you the right person. Her calm and sweet mannerism makes her a great person to speak with. Terri is dedicated in helping out in any way she can.

Shelly, Customer Service

Shelly backs up in every way possible. She jumps in and helps out when necessary to be sure Custom Video continues to operate smoothly. Her caring and happy smile are a great asset to everyone.

Josh, Editor

As both a talented videographer and editor, Josh strives to create digital media that brings ideas to life. Josh communicates with clients throughout the entire production process to ensure all aspects are given extra consideration as to their effectiveness.

Michele, Production Coordinator

Michele guides clients through the different production phases taking care to insure each client's specific needs are met or exceeded. Her detail oriented approach to scheduling and management is the foundation of our success.

Bjorn, Videographer

Bjorn has been a Custom Video videographer for over 2 decades. His professional style and attitude are a great asset to the company. He is always willing to go above and beyond to be sure the shot is captured exactly the way our clients expect.

Renata, Coordinator

Renata is one of our assistant coordinators at Custom Video Productions. She helps assist with production and marketing. Her degree in public relations and marketing will benefit the prosperity and success of Custom Video.

Joe Jennings
Joe, Founder, Producer

Emmy award winning producer Joe Jennings has been in production since 1987 and has produced a variety of projects including expeditions around the world compiled into what is now his "Good Stuff" DVD. Joe continues his aerial video production for commercials around the world where much of his footage has even played in super bowl commercials.

Rob Vuona
Rob, Producer

“From the moment Rob looked through the view finder, we all have never seen the world quite the same way. Always intrigued by a cameras motion, Rob is now an emmy award winning world class stedi-cam operator that will deliver the shots you want and all the ones you didn't know of yet. A highly dependable and professional individual, matched with talent and expertise, Rob is permanently at the top of many Directors call list.”

Charles, Disc Production Manager

Charles has managed our disc production process since 2005. He handles projects of all sizes insuring everything completed is on time and at the highest quality. His specialties encompass users from many fields, including Christian content, adventure sports, entertainment and educational media. Sale are primarily in CD, DVD and Blu-ray replication / packaging. Charles lives in the South Bay Area of Los Angeles with his wife and two teenage children, and enjoys outdoor adventure sports including kayaking, motor sports and fitness.

Yoshy, Fulfillment Manager

Yoshy seems to be on her laptop 24/7, responding to all shipping and fulfillment customer questions and concerns. Our department ships around the world, which means Yoshy is often seen working various hours throughout the day. "The world never stops, and being available to our customer is my top priority" - Yoshy.

Lisa, Shipping

Lisa comes to our warehouse every day and ships products for our clients all around the world. She carefully handles all our packages assuring they are shipped around the world fast and efficiently.

Geoff Nathanson
Geoff, Producer

Geoff has also worked for Sports Radio Network, ESPN 2, Sports channel, Prime Network, LKCS-TV, and Madison Square Garden Network. He was the host for the Michael Bolton Celebrity Softball show on ESPN2 and the Summer Slam Charity games on PRIME. Geoff is a sports anchor at CBS-owned KNX 1070 in Los Angeles. He holds a B.A. from UCLA in History.

Nancy King
Nancy, Special Projects Producer

Ms. King is a senior level marketing executive with over 25 years experience in a variety of different industries including food, toys, software, mobile phone entertainment, voice technology, and the Internet. She has worked for major companies such as Nestle, Coca Cola Foods, Pillsbury, Heinz Pet Products and Mattel.

Ms. King lends her expertise Tina number of critical areas and is instrumental in the success of the studio's larger scale video/film productions.

Chuck, Graphics Designer

With creativity always being part of his life, Chuck dreams up and adds his personal touch to artwork making it stand out being sure to leave a great first impression. 

Ryan, Financial & Strategy Consultant

Ryan is responsible for crunching all the numbers insuring nothing has been missed.  Him and Michael met way back in pre-school and continues providing Custom Video with his masters degree knowledge and skill.

Blenka, PA

As assistant for Custom Video, Blenka maintains a close relationship with past and present clients. Her professionalism and attention to detail keep Custom Video Productions running at maximum efficiency.

Rachel, Writer

Rachel has written several shows for network television and is currently working as producer for a new reality TV show still in the works. Custom Video is proud to have her as part of the team. 

Heather, Translator

Heather specializes in the communications and serves as a valuable resource helping Custom Video communicate with our foreign customers. She allows CVP to produce all types of foreign production seamlessly. 

Emily, Human Resources

Emily is a master in helping the staff and customers of Custom Video Productions. She has an amazing ability to successfully turn any situation to the correct path. 

Pam Roberts
Pam, Promotional Video Consultant

By 1976 Pam was primed to become the first Fashion Director for The California Mart (aka California Market Center). During her 8 years at the mart, she had many accomplishments including the creation of Press Week — the yearly event continues to evolve today.

KABC-TV discovered Pam's potential so in 1984 she began the next chapter of her career as Fashion and Lifestyle Reporter for Eyewitness News. Soon she was a regular contributor for AM Los Angeles, Eye On LA and co-hosted the nationally syndicated show, Fashion Report with Cristina Ferrare. In 1989 Pam joined Shop Television Network as fashion host for the 24-hour shopping channel owned by JC Penney's.


Ranger, Mascot

The company dog Ranger is partnered with Michael. He follows him most everywhere he goes offering loyalty and support to his master. Ranger is very friendly and welcomes everyone to the office offering hugs to those who need them. In Dog years, he has over 70 years experience :)



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